Browns control destiny in division, how 'bout their seeding fate?

This article is predicated on the fictitious scenario that every team in the discussion wins as much as possible from here on out — which of course is as likely as finishing the chips and the dip perfectly at the exact same time, but this is how "control" is determined.

Here's the current postseason picture:

1. 8-3 Ravens (first round bye)
2. 7-3 Chiefs
3. 7-3 Jaguars
4. 7-3 Dolphins
5. 7-3 Browns
6. 6-4 Texans
7. 6-4 Steelers

The Dolphins and Ravens play each other in week 17, so, strangely, Browns fans would want Baltimore to win that matchup because Cleveland would own the tiebreaker over the Dodos due to the fourth procedure for same-division tiebreakers: conference record. The Edgar Allan's have dropped all three of their losses in the AFC (Colts, Steelers, Browns), while one of Cleveland's three laid eggs was at the Seahawks.

If the Dolphins remain perfect they'd have different-division tiebreaker No. 3: record in common games. Miami would be 4-0 in such contests (Broncos, Jets, Jets, Ravens). Cleveland, having lost once to Baltimore, would be 3-1 in that metric.

Two of the Chiefs' three beats have been to NFC teams (Detroit, Philadelphia), so they'd get the nod ahead of the 'Phins and Browns. Unfortunately that one's out of Cleveland's hands, though with the receiver play in Kansas City, it might end up out of the Chiefs' hands too — as most of the passes do.

The Jags visit the Dawgs in the Bone Palace week 14; that one would be its own determinant. If they tied however, things become more convoluted than a jerrymandered voting district map drawn in crayon on a placemat.

Jacksonville and Cleveland would have the same conference record and both would end up 8-2 vs. common opponents. This means strength of victory would be next in the batting order. And that criterion hits by factoring the combined winning percentage of each team's 13 wins, which won't be reliably predictable until closer to the end of the season.

That would also assume the Jaguars beat the Ravens though, another game the Browns would, oddly, want the Brandon Lees to win if Cleveland tied the Jags and the Robinson Brothers lose to the Bolts this Sunday — probably saving Brandon Staley's job.

So, if the Browns and Ravens and Chiefs all win out, Kansas City gets the bye, and the Dawg Pound hosts the seven seed in a game Wild Card Weekend as the two. Pittsburgh is currently in seventh position ... and I know we remember how it went the last time Cleveland faced them in the playoffs. Go Dawgs.

Obviously every team isn't going to win every possible game, but here's how that would look:

1. 14-3 Chiefs (first round bye)
2. 14-3 Browns
3. 13-4 Jaguars
4. 13-4 Dolphins
5. 14-3 Ravens
6. 12-5 Steelers
7. 11-6 Texans


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