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Browns Thanksgiving: DBN team is thankful for many things related to the team this year

Happy Thanksgiving to all

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving from your DBN team. For some of you, today is all about food. Others, family. Others, football. Still, for others, Thanksgiving is more about working or just relaxing.

No matter how you do or do not celebrate Thanksgiving, we are thankful for you and thankful for the season that the Cleveland Browns have had so far in 2023.

The DBN staff wanted to share some of the many things that they are thankful for related to the Browns this year:


I’m thankful that Jimmy and Dee Haslam appear to have finally seen the light and are letting Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski mature into their roles. There is still a ways to go this season, but the results of staying the course appear to be paying off.


I’m thankful for Dustin Hopkins because he’s the first Browns kicker since Phil Dawson who feels like a trusted weapon — a hidden X-factor who can get the job done, like Justin Tucker and Evan McPherson have done in recent playoff years for the Ravens and Bengals.


I am thankful for the perseverance shown by the Browns 2023 NFL season.

There is no quit in this team. One may point to the 28-3 beating of the Ravens early in the season. But that game was about the offense not being able to move the ball to where the defense had noddles for legs late. All of the great teams don’t give up and play to the whistle. This elite defense displays perseverance each and every week, and finally, the offense may have grasped it too.

Matt Wilson

I’m thankful for Defensive Line Coach Ben Bloom.

Yes, most of the defenses’ success this season is attributed to Jim Schwartz, and deservingly so, but Coach Bloom is the one out there on the field every day with Cleveland’s monstrous defensive line. Bloom has done an excellent job so far in his first season in the position.

Matt Wood

I’m thankful for actual meaningful football this time of year. How many Turkey Days have we gathered around and the football topic has been the draft? Now we are talking the #1 seed and back-to-back wins over the Ravens and Steelers? It doesn’t matter how badly Momma burns the rolls, Thanksgiving never tasted so good!

Ez Weav

I am thankful for DeShaun Watson. I know his season got cut short, but within the time he played, he displayed all the Franchise QB traits we were hoping to see. If he hadn’t dinged the shoulder we would be favorites to win the AFC.

I guess we’ll have to wait for next year, but it’s nice to know that we finally have our guy, and should for a good long while yet.


I am thankful for Myles Garrett from the Browns of the 2023 NFL Season. I’ve been a Myles Garrett supporter since he came into the league. Not only is he one of the best defensive ends in the league and is locking in on his first DPOY of his career (hopefully) he is someone that I can relate to off the field. If you don’t follow me or are familiar with me, I’m into pop culture (the anime shows and things like that) so when I see Garrett wear something from a show I watch (on the flight to Baltimore on the team video he wore a My Hero Academia shirt with the main character Izuku Midoriya his hero name is “Deku”), or showing off custom cleats (one side featuring Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen and Killua from Hunter x Hunter) it’s cool to see football players like him and others embrace that culture.

I am also thankful for the brotherhood of the Browns 2023 NFL Season. When I went to training camp this past August with my father the vibes were so high and the team was having fun with one another, they feed off each other and they love being around each other. Last season we saw some of that but not a ton but this Browns team is close and they love playing for each other. As someone who has played football at all 3 levels, the brotherhood being with the guys and going to war with them will always be the best feeling


I am thankful to everyone above.

The reality of sports is that the meaning comes from connection with others. Getting to share a winning season with my guys above and with the DBN community has been fun. Not everyone is an eternal optimist like me but watching people slowly coming along to the positive side is great.

What are you thankful for so far in this Browns season?