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Browns schedule: Breaking down the final 6 games

The 7-4 Browns have a fight to make the AFC playoffs with this schedule

Without a bunch of important pieces, with a few out for the year and a number of others missing multiple games, the Cleveland Browns have pulled off a decent start to the season at 7-4.

Given the early schedule, many wondered if the team would be able to stay around .500 the first 10 games of the season. While the Browns schedule was difficult, the team was able to overcome adversity.

Now, sitting with the sixth seed in the AFC playoff picture, the Playoff Watch is on in Cleveland. The Browns may need help from tiebreakers and are the underdog going into Week 13 but, given the fight they’ve put up this year, hopes should still be high.

News that DE Myles Garrett did not sustain a serious shoulder injury only buoys the team’s hopes.

Now, with six games left, it is important to take a look at what the Browns schedule looks like going forward:

Week 13 Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have won two straight against NFC West opponents and have played better with Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp back in the lineup. Sitting at 5-6, Los Angeles still has a shot at the NFC playoffs which means they will still be fiesty this week.

Week 14 Jacksonville Jaguars

The 8-3 Jaguars have the best record of any of the remaining teams on Cleveland’s schedule. Jacksonville will be coming into Cleveland on a short week after hosting the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football in Week 13. The toughest game remaining on the schedule has a little more hope due to the schedule benefit.

Week 15 Chicago Bears

A team that probably should be tanking (having the Carolina Panthers pick helps them not have to do that), the Bears game has not been assigned a time just yet. Chicago has ben competitive the last three weeks including winning on Monday Night Football. At 4-8, playoff hopes are gone but the Bears want to build for next year with a strong finish.

Week 16 Houston Texans

A game that lost the Deshaun Watson returns again story will be all about Ohio State Buckeyes turned Texans QB CJ Stroud. At 6-5. Houston is clearly in the playoff hunt but a look at their wins shows struggles against not very good teams and a loss to the Panthers in Week 8. With three straight AFC games prior to Week 16, the Texans season could be decided before they get to host the Browns.

Week 17 New York Jets

The Jets are not very good but Aaron Rodgers keeps saying he wants to return in record time from his Achilles injury. If he gets his wish, facing Cleveland’s vaunted defense could be his second or third game back. A somewhat healthy Rodgers could change the whole dynamic of this game.

Week 18 Cincinnati Bengals

Without Joe Burrow, the Bengals season is over which could/should lead to a sweep for the Browns this year. While Cleveland has overcome injuries, Burrow carried too much of Cincinnati’s success on his shoulders for them to do so.


  • Three games on the road, three at home
  • Two games against teams with winning records currently
  • Three games against teams with little to no playoff hopes including the last two games of the season

The Browns need to go 3-3 to finish the season to win double digits games this season. While that may not be enough to guarantee a playoff spot, 10-7 given all of the injuries would have to be considered a positive season overall.

How many wins do you see on the remaining Browns schedule?