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Browns schedule for Week 13 in LA

Cleveland’s practice schedule will be quite different this week

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With the NFL approving the Cleveland Browns request to spend two weeks out west in back-to-back weeks, the team has a unique week ahead of them in Los Angeles. As the Browns push for a playoff spot, each of their final six games could be vital as tiebreakers linger in a rugged AFC.

One of the best things about Cleveland sports fans is that they are always hungry for any kind of news related to their teams. Browns fans are used to the normal cadence of practice in the early afternoon with players and coaches talking before and after.

Then, shortly after that, fans are used to getting updated injury and practice participation reports.

This week, everything will be delayed as the team practices at UCLA’s campus. Here is the current planned schedule and who will be available to speak to the media:


12:30 PM PST (3:30 EST): Kevin Stefanski
12:45 PM PST (3:45 EST): “Select players”
1:40 PM PST (4:40 EST): Practice

After practice: “Select players”


10:30 AM PST (1:30 PM EST): Coordinators
12:55 PM PST (3:55 EST): Practice

After practice: “Select players”


1:00 PM PST (4:00 EST): Practice

After practice: “Select players”

Historically, the time difference means that injury reports won’t become available until after 7 PM EST.

Browns fans who are used to seeing information from coaches and players around their lunch time and intel on practice as they are getting off work will see things shifted much later this week.