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If Browns make playoffs: 3 or 4 starting QBs would be rare, not unique

From Deshaun Watson to, potentially, Joe Flacco, the Browns playoff push would be rare

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Even if the Cleveland Browns didn’t lose RB Nick Chubb, OL Jack Conklin and safety Rodney McLeod, the story of the season would still be around an injury. QB Deshaun Watson’s early season shoulder issue and midseason shoulder surgery has created a quarterback conundrum for a team that is still 7-4.

That conundrum now might place its hopes on the arm of veteran Joe Flacco who just joined the team a few weeks ago.

The Browns playoff push started with Watson, moved to rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson then to veteran journeyman PJ Walker, back to Watson and then back to DTR.

The rookie QB’s concussion, and some up-and-down play, likely makes Flacco the team’s fourth starting quarterback this season. All while Cleveland is still clearly in the playoff hunt, holding the sixth seed currently.

While that may seem unique, the Browns making the playoffs with three or more starting quarterbacks would only be the first time since... last year when the San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens did so with three.

The last time a team started four quarterbacks and made the playoffs was the 2015 Houston Texans with Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, TJ Yates and Brandon Weeden. Fitting that it was a team starting two former Cleveland QBs.

All season, the Browns have just made it work despite mostly poor play from the quarterback position. They must do so at least three or four times to ensure they make the postseason. If they do, they’ll join the list with 42 other teams that have started three or more quarterbacks in a season and still made the playoffs.

Does it surprise you that so many teams and so recently have started 3 or more QBs while still making the playoffs?