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Myles Garrett injury: More to the story? What is ‘actually likely’?

The Browns star may have more going on than previous announced

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

When Cleveland Browns HC Kevin Stefanski announced that DE Myles Garrett was “day-to-day” with a shoulder injury, fans breathed a sigh of relief. When Garrett struggled to get his shirt on, talked about hearing a pop and was in a sling after Week 12’s game with the Denver Broncos, Browns fan saw the final injury that would end the season.

Stefanski’s words brought comfort... to most.

Others noted that “day-to-day” was the same language used earlier in the season to describe QB Deshaun Watson’s shoulder injury. Watson ended up missing multiple games with that injury and then was lost for the season with a new injury to the same shoulder.

Could we be headed back down the same road with Garrett’s shoulder injury?

First, we may be parsing words but, “actually likely” does not seem like reporting that there is structural damage.

The language in the article continues to be more speculative than reporting:

(Stefanski) included the phrase ‘no structural issues,’ but he never actually stated that Garrett has no damage in the shoulder.

Given the fact that Garrett ‘felt a pop’ during the game and couldn’t lift his shoulder afterwards, it’s highly unlikely that there’s no damage inside.

It is also speculated that Garrett could have aggravated his shoulder injury from last year when he was in a car accident “or it could be something new, such as a partial dislocation.”

While the article is vague and speculative, the author, Mary Kay Cabot, is often aware of things going on with the team that others are not. While she may not be able to report specifics as facts, that she is willing to write today’s piece is cause for concern that there is more there than meets the eye with Garrett’s injury.

For now, Browns fans will likely hold their breath that their star defensive end is going to be able to play at a high level for the last six games of the season. Based on the Watson process, pessimism is appropriate even if today’s news from MKC doesn’t actually report a new problem.

When you read MKC’s article after Stefanski’s comments, what do you think is actually going on with Garrett’s shoulder?