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Browns offense has 2 simple issues that need solved but can they be?

Joe Flacco or Dorian Thompson-Robinson have to get it together for the Browns offense

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Something I say quite often, whether in my personal life, as a mental health counselor or concerning sports: “Simple, not easy.”

For the Cleveland Browns, the problem for the offense is simple but the solution may not be easy. If it were easy A) they would have already fixed it and B) everyone in the league would be great on offense.

Whether it is Dorian Thompson-Robinson or Joe Flacco taking the snaps at quarterback, HC Kevin Stefanski has to figure out how to stop the team from turning the ball over and needs to get a few more touchdowns instead of field goals.

Cleveland’s offense has given the ball away 23 times this year with 13 interceptions and 10 fumbles. Only the Minnesota Vikings (24) have done so more often with 10 INTs and 14 fumbles.

The Browns are the only team with 20 or more turnovers that has a winning record. The Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins have 19 each but each has a quarterback capable of putting their team on his back.

The Dolphins, for example, are a high-risk, high-reward offense with touchdowns counting for almost 80% of their points.

Cleveland, on the other hand, is getting 60% of their points from field goals, second worst in the NFL:

While some might quibble with the use of the word “worst” above (most would be more accurate), the NFL is set up for teams to score touchdowns far more than it has ever been.

Again, if it were easy the Browns would have already fixed both the turnover and FG/TD ratio issues. As would all of the other teams on the lists.

Of the two, DTR and/or Flacco can most control the interceptions thrown and by being careful with the football in the pocket. Benched/demoted PJ Walker is responsible for nine of Cleveland’s turnovers.

Creating touchdowns falls on everyone starting with Stefanski. Running backs need to hit the right holes and take the right cutback lanes, receivers and tight ends need to catch the ball and the quarterbacks have to put the ball in the right spots. Throughout the 2023 season, a little failure here and there has doomed the Browns offense from getting touchdowns.

Without a top-shelf quarterback, Cleveland must tighten up the mistakes and minimize the turnovers. The defense can only take the team so far.

Do you think the Browns can reduce turnovers or convert more drives to touchdowns instead of field goals with DTR and/or Flacco the rest of the way?