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Browns playoff hopes: 2nd best odds in AFC North by two different metrics

Baltimore Ravens are close to a lock for playoffs and division title

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Much like the above picture, the Cleveland Browns are chasing the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC North. Some believe that the Ravens are in fact the best team in the entire conference and, along with the Philadelphia Eagles, the best team in the NFL.

To win the AFC North, a team will have to be pretty great this year. As of now, all four teams are two games or more over .500 and are seeded in the AFC playoff picture. All four teams won in Week 9 as well.

For the Browns, playoff hopes can swing wildly over the next two weeks with the Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers next up on their schedule. The Cincinnati Bengals face off with Baltimore in Week 11 as well.

Right now, both ESPN’s Football Power Index and DVOA give Cleveland the second-best odds of making the playoffs from the division. In both, Baltimore is close to locked into making the postseason:

Interestingly, DVOA gives the Bengals and Steelers better chances of winning the division (column DIV) while the Browns still have a better chance (column “TOT”) than either:

Both sets of metrics could swing heavily if Cleveland is able to win both of their next two games. Similarly, but negatively, if they lose them both.

The Browns have a good chance of returning to the playoffs but still have a lot of work to do on the field.