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Community Convo: I’ll feel... if the Browns are.... after Week 11

Schedule: Browns vs Ravens, Browns vs Steelers could decide the outcome of the season

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Despite injury after injury and bad quarterback play after bad quarterback play, the Cleveland Browns are 5-3 going into Week 10 and have a real chance to make the playoffs and do some damage.

The Browns schedule sets up that the next two weeks could define the season. No matter what happens, Cleveland could still make the playoffs but losing both games to the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers would sink almost all hope that the Browns are a championship-level team.

So we come to you with our community conversation question seeking three answers:

  • I will feel _______ if the Browns are 7-3 after Week 11.
  • I will feel _______ if the Browns are 6-4 after Week 11.
  • I will feel _______ if the Browns are 5-5 after Week 11.

Jump down to our comment section below and share your thoughts today as we prepare for these vital two games in the AFC North.