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Browns vs. Jaguars: David Njoku’s first touchdown - Film Don’t Lie

Kevin Stefanski’s offense used condensed formations to take advantage of the Jaguars’ defense in week 14

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns defeated the high-flying Jacksonville Jaguars over the weekend, which elevated the team up to the 5th seed in the current AFC Conference playoff picture.

Joe Flacco had an excellent game in his second start for Cleveland and was the main catalyst for a few explosive passing plays on Sunday. Though Dorian Thompson-Robinson has looked serviceable when at the helm, it’s fairly apparent that Kevin Stefanski feels more comfortable in-game with a more accurate, experienced quarterback like Flacco.

This was confirmed after the game when he announced that Joe Flacco would be the starter for the remainder of the season.

One of the most exciting and successful plays of the game resulted in David Njoku’s first touchdown catch in the 1st quarter. Stefanski used a condensed formation with an extra offensive lineman that led the defense to believe that he was going to run the ball on 3rd&1.

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Kevin Stefanski has a tendency to script his opening drives to perfection, and this was especially true on Sunday with this beautifully designed and executed touchdown play at the 34-yard line.

Once the ball was snapped, the offensive linemen fired off as if they were going to run block. In actuality, they were simply tasked with the job of influencing the defensive line and second-level defenders into stepping up and triggering downhill. This ensured that there would be ample space behind them for the tight ends to take advantage of.

To help “sell” the run fake, Nick Harris (“F”) fired out to the right and blocked the first unblocked defender that saw outside of the offensive tackle. Kareem Hunt took a fake handoff from Flacco and then blocked Jaguars safety Rayshawn Jenkins, who was coming off the edge.

Harrison Bryant (“X”) free-released and ran sort of a rounded-slant route, while David Njoku (“Y”) immediately shot downfield toward the endzone. Due to the effective backfield deception, Njoku was streaking down the field wide-open. Joe Flacco was able to deliver a beautifully thrown ball for the Browns’ first touchdown of the day.

What do you think of Kevin Stefanki’s playcalling against the Jaguars? Join fellow Browns fans in the comment section below.