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Chicago Bears vs. Cleveland Browns: Week 15 TV Map

See which cities get to watch the Bears vs. Browns game on television this week.

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The Week 15 game between the Cleveland Browns and the Chicago Bears will air on FOX at 1:00 PM ET on Sunday.

Announcers: Kevin Kugler & Mark Sanchez

Ohio Coverage: All of Ohio will get to see the game. The Browns game will air locally on WJW (Channel 8.1).

National Coverage: There isn’t much national coverage for the Browns this week, but the Pittsburgh portion of Pennsylvania, and much of Indiana and Illinois will get to see the game.

Streaming Coverage: Sign up for fuboTV

The GREEN areas of the map below illustrates everyone who should be able to watch the game:

Map is from


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  • Saturday - 1:00 PM ET: Minnesota Vikings vs. Cincinnati Bengals (NFL Network)
  • Saturday - 4:30 PM ET: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Indianapolis Colts (NFL Network)
  • Saturday - 8:15 PM ET: Denver Broncos vs. Detroit Lions (NFL Network)
  • Sunday - 1:00PM ET: Chicago Bears vs. Cleveland Browns (FOX)
  • Sunday - 4:05 PM ET: San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals (CBS)
  • Sunday - 4:25 PM ET: Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills (FOX)
  • Sunday - 8:20 PM ET: Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (NBC)
  • Monday - 8:15 PM ET: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks (ABC/ESPN)