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Video of Mic’d up Myles: ‘I’m gonna end this game for us’ before 2-pt conversion sack

Myles Garrett sack was key to Browns victory over the Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns have not made victories easy all season, as you will hear DC Jim Schwartz say below. Browns games have often come down to one or two plays with, a majority of the time, Cleveland making just the right play at the right time.

In Week 14 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, that play came on a two-point conversion attempt by the visitors. QB Trevor Lawrence dropped back to pass attempting to cut the lead to two points for the Jaguars. Browns DE Myles Garrett made sure that Lawrence didn’t get the pass attempt off.

Garrett was mic’d up for the game as the team’s social media shared. Interestingly, Garrett didn’t say a whole lot during the video posted but one thing stuck out. Just before the two-point attempt, at the 3:15 mark of the video, HC Kevin Stefanski told to “go eat.” Garrett responded “I’m going to end this game for us:”

It is interesting that the NFL does not count stats from those attempts except for players who are involved in a successful conversion. Technically, Garrett did not get credited for a sack despite the fact he sacked Lawrence to end the play.

Later in the video, we hear DE Josh Allen and Lawrence laud Garrett’s play as well.