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Browns schedule: Injury update on 2 QBs left on the schedule

CJ Stroud and Aaron Rodgers injuries coming into focus in relation to the Browns

Houston Texans v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns, and their fans, know that thinking ahead can be dangerous. Based on this season, the Browns have no clue what players will be available or not this week much less for Week 16 and 17 against the Houston Texans and New York Jets.

Cleveland controls its destiny with the fifth playoff seed in their grasp but there are a ton of teams that they can hope will lose in Week 15.

The Browns injury report this week includes four players out and three questionable but we also got news on QBs CJ Stroud and Aaron Rodgers on Friday. Cleveland travels to take on the Texans in Week 16 before welcoming the Jets in Week 17.

Stroud is listed as doubtful for Week 15 but has yet to clear concussion protocol:

Stroud’s status in the protocol will be closely watched next week as players have averaged around 10 days in the protocol.

Rodgers’ status has been discussed previously but Friday’s report says that he has impressed his coaches and teammates:

“He looks normal to me,” coach Robert Saleh said, smiling. “It’s unbelievable.”

“Jumped up and caught it with one hand,” tackle Duane Brown said. “He contested a catch and picked it off.”

Initially, there wasn’t much reaction on the field.

“Probably not as much as there should’ve been because, in the moment, you’re like, ‘Oh, he jumped up and caught it,’” Brown said. “But now it’s like, ‘What the f--- are you doing?’”

As previously reported, Rodgers will not return if New York is eliminated from playoff contention but a win in Week 15 would put him on track to return on Christmas Eve, his stated goal.

For the Browns, either, neither or both star quarterbacks could be awaiting them in the next two weeks. It is likely Rodgers’ status is updated sooner than Stroud’s.