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Kardiac Kids 2.0: Browns lead league in big comebacks in 2023

AFC playoff picture significantly different due to Browns late game victories

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns, and their fanbase, have been called a lot of things over the years. For the 2023 NFL season, the Browns should be called the Kardiac Kids 2.0.

One of the few names thrown Cleveland sports’ way over the years, the Kardiac Kids is up there with the Dawg Pound era as one of the most favorites in Browns history. QB Brian Sipe led the Kardiac Kids with 17 fourth-quarter comeback wins.

Some of the legendary Cleveland football players were a part of Sipe’s team including WR Dave Logan, who we caught up with a couple of years ago, and kicker Don Cockroft, the best player to wear #12 in the team’s history.

Many Browns fans note the Kardiac Kids as the reason for their fandom.

As we saw in Week 15, the ‘23 season for Cleveland has created many heart-pounding experiences. It hasn’t just felt that way Browns fans, the team leads the league in coming back from unlikely deficits:

Four times this year, Cleveland has pulled out victories when there was an 85% chance of a loss. Because of those comebacks, the Browns now have a 92% chance of making the postseason.

How do you feel about labeling this team the Kardiac Kids 2.0? Are you surprised at the odds the team has overcome this season?