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Browns playoff projections: An AFC South rematch is likely

AFC playoff picture taking shape for Browns which could include Jaguars or Colts rematch

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

The fact that Cleveland Browns fans can start to talk about playoff matchups with two games left in the season is telling about how special the 2023 NFL season is. While the Browns did not lock up a playoff spot, Cleveland has a 99% chance of making the postseason.

The Browns still have a chance to win the AFC North but the top Wild Card spot seems like the most likely spot in the AFC playoff picture. The division becomes more likely if the Baltimore Ravens fall on Monday Night Football Christmas night.

With a playoff spot all but locked up, Cleveland fans have started looking at potential matchups in the postseason. Due to NFL rules that gives division winners the top four spots, with the fifth seed the Browns will face the division leader with the worst record, the fourth seed.

Not only is the division still an option but the top overall seed is still within reach but a more difficult climb with the Miami Dolphins joining the Ravens with 11 victories and the Kansas City Chiefs looking for their 10th win on Monday.

For Cleveland, current projections have rematches with an AFC South team, either the Jacksonville Jaguars or Indianapolis Colts, on the menu:

The Browns have beaten both the Jaguars and Colts this year in close games. Indianapolis fans would be looking for revenge after what they consider a game stolen by poor calls by the referees.

If Cleveland somehow pulls off the top seed and gets the bye week, the potential opponent in the second round would create a fun watching experience during the Wild Card round as the team rests.

A lot can change over the next two weeks but interesting to start looking at who could be the playoff matchup for the Browns this year.

Would you rather face the Colts or Jaguars in a rematch in the Wild Card round?