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Browns history: Week 18 provides opportunity to do something not seen in 37 years

The Browns have been hitting milestones all season long, and now they have another one in their sights

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns successfully clinched a spot in the 2024 NFL playoffs with their dominant win over the New York Jets on Thursday night football. It will only be the third time since 1999, and their second time with Kevin Stefanski as head coach.

The team has been setting new records and achieving milestones over the past four to five games, and now they have the opportunity to achieve something that they haven’t done since Bernie Kosar was throwing touchdown passes to Ozzie Newsome, Brian Brennan, and Webster Slaughter.

If the Browns can close out the 2023 season with a win against the Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday, it’ll be the first time since 1986 that the team has 12 wins in a season. Though getting a 12th win next weekend will be thrilling in its own right, it’ll be even more special with a guy like Joe Flacco at quarterback. He came in off the “street” and has played his heart out for this organization which has led to four straight wins, and a playoff berth.

This Cleveland Browns organization and fanbase alike deserve everything that’s coming to them in 2023 and if this team has anything to say about it, there’s even more spoils to come.

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