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Browns playoff opponent: Down to 3 possibilities

The AFC South is in Cleveland’s playoff future

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cleveland Browns are locked into the playoffs and locked into the fifth seed in the AFC due to the Baltimore Ravens taking the top spot in the conference. That means, based on a report, Week 18 will be relatively boring on the field when the Browns travel to take on the Cincinnati Bengals who have been eliminated from playoff contention.

Cleveland will just be trying to keep players healthy while having a chance to do something not done in almost four decades while Cincinnati will be looking for their first AFC North victory of the year.

The Browns and their fans will be busy watching two other games that will determine where they will travel in the Wild Card round and who they will face in that game.

The options are down to three, all from the AFC South:

Cleveland beat all three teams this year but it is important to note that Trevor Lawrence was limited and CJ Stroud was out in those matchups. Kind whistles helped the victory in Indianapolis.

The Jaguars control their destiny to win the AFC South and host the Browns. If they lose to the 5-11 Tennessee Titans, the winner between the Colts and Texans would take the division and host Cleveland.

There are multiple scenarios that could play out in the AFC but the first, third and fifth seeds are locked in. The Buffalo Bills or Miami Dolphins will be the second seed while a myriad of teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers could wind up in the sixth or seventh spots:

As of about 10 PM New Year’s Eve night, we do not have the Week 18 schedule to know when the two AFC South games will be happening but we know Cleveland fans will be watching.

Of the three options, which AFC South do you hope the Browns face in the playoffs?