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Browns, Steelers 2 game losing streaks are very different

The once formidable AFC North has seen some lean times

NFL: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The AFC North has been know as a rugged, difficult conference for a long time. Basically, since its inception in 2002. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals have taken turns fighting for the top of the division over those two decades.

Earlier in the 2023 NFL season, it was clear that the AFC North was the best division in football. Even now, in early December, AFC North has the best winning percentage of any division and the only one without a team with a losing record.

The Cleveland Browns have never won the division but this year are right in the playoff hunt.

After Thursday Night Football, both the Browns and Steelers have two-game losing streaks going on. Cleveland has a chance to snap theirs against the Jacksonville Jaguars this week who will come in with a lot of unknowns at quarterback.

While all that matters is that both teams have lost two straight games, not all losses are the same.

Cleveland’s Last Two Games

  • Both on the road
  • Both against teams in the playoff hunt

Pittsburgh’s Last Two Games

  • Both at home
  • Both against teams that came in with just two wins on the season and tied for the second-worst record in the NFL

The Steelers remaining schedule is a tough one with three playoff contenders and the Bengals in the last four weeks. The Browns also face Cincinnati and have two playoff contenders, including this week’s Jaguars game, to close out the year.

Not all two-game losing streaks are the same. Cleveland fans should be much more hopeful than Pittsburgh fans following Thursday Night Football. The Browns have to take care of things at home on Sunday for that to continue.

How surprised are you that the Steelers lost two home games to teams with that bad of records?