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Senior Bowl Interview: DE Derick Hall

Senior Bowl is a place that a prospect can compete against some of the best 

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28 TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl - Houston v Auburn Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Reese’s Senior Bowl is in full swing as two different squads have been melded into two teams who will compete on Saturday, February 4 in Mobile, Alabama. The game is being broadcast by NFL Network with kickoff at 2:30 (Eastern). It is also streamed on Fubo TV.

There are other college All-Star games, but this one is the one every college senior plays wants an invite to. It pits the best from all positions against each other. A player can turn a full round in his favor with a great practice week in Mobile. It is also an NFL convention where unemployed coaches arrive looking to be interviewed for vacancies. With every head coach in attendance minus the two Super Bowl coaches, the atmosphere is perfect to get a job and fill out a coaching staff.

There are several positions of need for the Cleveland Browns. Here is a player that fits the position group they are looking to add a body.

DE Derick Hall – Auburn

6’-3”, 256 pounds

Projected round: 2

Browns pick #43

DBN: How will your skill set work in the NFL?

Hall: I am just a guy who will come in and work hard every day. I have always stayed out of trouble and wanted to be a leader from Day 1 and commit to the locker room. I am going to put my best foot forward and work to get better.

DBN: At Auburn, you were finally named Captain. What did that mean to you?

Hall: I busted myself for four years. I came in as a young guy and they played me and then started for the next three years. Not taking anything for granted, but every single day I showed up and put in the work and it paid off in the end. I was blessed.

DBN: What kind of attitude must a Captain exhibit to his teammates? There must be expectations.

Hall: I came in early, so that was a big thing to get in the spring and just work and watch how the other Captains went about their day. And the things they did to be successful I tried to absorb and take that and run with it. So that’s what I did.

DBN: It would seem like that if you have been in the program for going on your fourth year that the coaching staff would have your back.

Hall: You have to keep proving yourself to them, but also to your teammates that you are their leader. Put the work in and be prepared. For me, it is just to help my team take that next step. I was chosen to be a Captain by my teammates. I was honored.

LSU v Auburn Photo by Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images

DBN: How much time to film study have you put in during a season?

Hall: I really try to learn the offense and look at the ins and outs of their game plan. I will start with the tackles and then get to the running backs. Then the tight ends and finally the quarterbacks. I will study the whole formation and try to pick up some keys.

DBN: Where do you see yourself as a rookie season?

Hall: My goal is to start opening week. But I will be satisfied to be in a defensive line rotation. That is the biggest thing for me. But whatever I can do to make my team successful.

DBN: Which current NFL players do you follow?

Hall: I am a big Saints fan, so Cam Jordan, Kaden Elliss, loved Drew Brees, Von Miller.

DBN: In your four seasons at Auburn you made 146 tackles, 29.5 tackles for loss, 19.5 sacks, and forced five fumbles. What is the key to your success?

Hall: Put the work in. Be in a position to make a play. Study film to see what can help your game. Don’t get upset about the last play, just focus on what is happening next.

Barry Shuck is at the Reese’s Senior Bowl this week gathering interviews and providing coverage for Browns fans

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