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Senior Bowl Interview: DE/LB Will McDonald

Senior Bowl is the place to advance your draft status

Northern Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns may have an EDGE rusher on their list of players to bring in. At the Reese’s Senior Bowl this week there are plenty on display. Will McDonald has a high motor and does a solid job setting the edge against the run.

McDonald was named First Team All-Big 12 three times.

Here is a player that fits the position group the Browns are looking to add a body to their roster in order to help them in the coming season.

DE/LB Will McDonald – Iowa State

6’-4”, 241 pounds

Projected round: 2

Browns pick #43

DBN: What kind of player will an NFL General Manager get if they draft you?

McDonald: A disciplined and poised player who loves football. I am the type of player who will win in the moment.

DBN: Would you have to start your first year?

McDonald: I am versatile and will play special teams.

DBN: You grew up in Wisconsin yet went to Iowa State. What made you choose that school?

McDonald: I got lots of offers and it just felt like I was home.

DBN: You played some linebacker early on in college. Is that a position you could trend to?

McDonald: I feel very natural at linebacker. My school needed help with the defensive end position so I switched.

DBN: You set a Big 12 season record for sacks with 10.5 in your sophomore year, then broke that record with 11.5 your junior year. But most of those sacks were from the inside. Your thoughts?

McDonald: Offensive lines had to respect me. Head coaches and offensive coordinators, they respected my game. They tried to stop me or slow me down. That was their game plan. I took it as respect. I enjoyed every part of it. I did have better reps, in my opinion. I was more consistent on inside stunts or moving past my offensive lineman and going on an inside route.

DBN: What was your reaction when you got a Senior Bowl invite?

McDonald: My coach called me into his office and I didn’t know why. He sounded serious or maybe he was just checking up with me. He then handed me this piece of paper which was the invite. I was like, wow, I made it to the Senior Bowl.

West Virginia v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

DBN: What does the opportunity open up for you?

McDonald: I’m going to showcase my talents. That’s it. That’s my motivation going into the week and the entire process. I’m my biggest critic and have already proven myself throughout these years playing at Iowa State. I have learned to keep the outside noise where it belongs and I don’t let it get inside my mind but instead focus on what I have to do.

DBN: Is there a special move that you like to use in pass-rushing situations?

McDonald: I have a lot of moves. I love learning new things. It also depends on what opposing offensive linemen are giving me. I approach every snap with a plan in mind. I already have a counter move in mind as well, and a second counter in case my first counter doesn’t work. I’m always in my bag. I’m relentless.

DBN: What will NFL scouts talk about when they have seen you for a solid week?

McDonald: I feel blessed to have received an invite to the Senior Bowl. Not everybody gets this opportunity. It’s really difficult to get here. I’ve put in a lot of time and effort. It’s taken a lot of sacrifices. I’ve had to put in the work both on and off the field. I’ve taken great care of my body as well. I’m excited to get out there and create some new relationships. I’m going to let everything come to me. I’ve always found success doing that.

Barry Shuck is at the Reese’s Senior Bowl this week gathering interviews and providing coverage for Browns’ fans

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