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Von Miller heaps praises on David Njoku

While the Browns tight end admits he wanted traded

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns have not made the playoffs the last two years with losing records to show for it. While most analysts believe that the team is full of talent, that isn’t always something that Browns fans agree about.

Sadly, talent doesn’t always equate to winning for a variety of reasons. Two seasons ago, Baker Mayfield’s injury significantly limited the team. This last season, mistakes on defense and special teams, along with Deshaun Watson’s suspension and rust upon return, were problematic.

One of the talented players on the team that analyst receptions and fans seem to disagree on is TE David Njoku. Pessimists will point to his career-best best 58 receptions (last year), 639 yards (in 2018) and four touchdowns (four times including the last two seasons) as proof that he is not as good as his newly minted $54 plus million contract says he is.

Those who think highly of Njoku’s ability just got some backup from one of the best defenders in the NFL, Von Miller. While the below video starts out with Cleveland’s tight end being honest about his trade request, Miller makes it clear that Njoku is a problem for defenses:

While box score scouting will always be able to go back to the numbers, film, defenders like Miller and the contract that he signed tell the story of a very talented player. Production often depends on scheme, quarterback and defenses, not just talent.

Perhaps a full year with Watson, who has done well getting the position involved in the past, will allow Njoku’s production to reach the talent level many, including Miller, see on the field.