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2024 Super Bowl Odds: Cleveland Browns are 40 to 1

Would you place a wager on the Browns?

Syndication: Arizona Republic Alex Gould/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

The odds for the 2024 Super Bowl are out (via DraftKings), and after opening at 30/1 odds last year, the Cleveland Browns have dropped for the second year in a row, heading into next season with 40/1 odds. That gives the Browns the 16th best odds in the NFL, and third best in the AFC North. The odds for the AFC North teams are listed below:

  • Cincinnati Bengals (9/1) - better than last year, when they were 14/1
  • Baltimore Ravens (22/1) - worse than last year, when they were 20/1
  • Cleveland Browns (40/1) - worse than last year, when they were 30/1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (55/1) - worse than last year, when they were 50/1

The crazy thing is that last year’s 30/1 odds were when the Browns still had Baker Mayfield as their starting quarterback, and we didn’t know the team would eventually acquire Deshaun Watson. Watson’s first full season with Cleveland is supposed to be in 2024, and yet the team’s odds decreased. That should be a byproduct of the “what have you done for me lately” mentality — many teams in the NFL have been building and showing strength, while Cleveland is still a question mark because we don’t quite know how good Watson will be. Would you place a bet on the Browns with 40/1 odds?

The early favorites for next year’s Super Bowl are the Kansas City Chiefs (6/1), Buffalo Bills (7/1), San Francisco 49ers (9/1), Bengals (9/1), and Philadelphia Eagles (9/1).