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As expected, Cardinals request to interview Browns coach for their OC job

Drew Petzing became QB coach last offseason

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

While fans of the Cleveland Browns might have serious concerns about the team’s leadership, it seems the NFL sees a lot that they like. The turnover on the coaching staff is far from finished with new DC Jim Schwartz needing to bring in some guys but the offense might also see a departure.

First, proving our first sentence:

We could add Joe Woods being hired by the New Orleans Saints but the Browns had fired him while the others were desired by the teams they moved to.

Now comes the first potential offensive staff change but one that was predicted a few days ago with the Arizona Cardinals interviewing Drew Petzing:

Petzing was Cleveland’s tight ends coach the first two years under Kevin Stefanski before taking over as QB coach in 2022. The two coaches were on the same staff in Minnesota for six seasons prior to both coming to the Browns in 2020.

Unless something changes, Petzing was expected to be Gannon’s OC even before the new head coach was named to the position.

It will be interesting if Cleveland shuffles their staff around if Petzing or if someone like Sean Ryan, who has a history with Deshaun Watson, could be hired from the outside.