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NFL draft: Wide receiver measurables to watch for at the NFL combine

Depending on style of receiver, here are data points the Browns will be looking at

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 12 Missouri at Tennessee Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We are a little over a week away from the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis kicking off. With the Super Bowl behind us, it is full speed ahead toward the 2023 offseason.

The NFL combine is the first step in the offseason in a lot of ways. While the public focus will be on the NFL draft prospects on the field, privately a ton of conversations will be had between teams and between teams and agents.

While there may be some leaks about the details of the conversations, we won’t have a ton of firm information about them in a couple of weeks.

We will, however, have a lot of measurable data to look at. For the Cleveland Browns, as we discussed earlier this week with defensive tackles, there are also important pieces of measurement for the wide receiver position. While speed is important and size can have value, the athletic testing for an average receiver in the NFL is interesting:

A lot of things to note here but that the average receiver runs what is considered a poor 40-yard dash is interesting.

If GM Andrew Berry is looking for an outside, deep receiver, the speed grade and explosive grades will ned to be higher than the data noted above. If a shifty receiver is a priority than, in general, a little shorter than average with great agility scores will be the priority.

When the NFL combine kicks off, fans can be bombarded with measurables. While the rankings of players versus their fellow prospects can be important, looking at what is average for an NFL player at that position can put it into perspective.

For any wide receivers you might have interest in the Browns drafting, keep this article bookmarked to compare their data with that which is found above.