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Former Browns tight end now Lions TE coach

A lot of former Browns coaches and players coaching around the league

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

An interesting dynamic has played out around the Cleveland Browns over the past few years. While the team has gone through head coach after head coach (and front office after front office), only Romeo Crennel and Pat Shurmur have gotten another head coaching gig after having that role with the Browns since the return in 1999.

Yet a wide number of head coaches in the NFL right now can tie their history back to Cleveland in one way or another. Recently hired coaches like Matt Eberflus, Kevin O’Connell, Doug Pederson and Mike McDaniel all spent time with the team as either a player or coach.

Other former players, like Frisman Jackson, are working their way up through the coaching ranks. Jackson is the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receivers coach.

Another former player, Steve Heiden, just got added to the Detroit Lions coaching staff after 10 years of coaching with the Arizona Cardinals.

Heiden played eight years with the Browns accumulating 187 receptions for 1,602 yards and 12 touchdowns. His last season playing was in Cleveland in 2009 and he transitioned into coaching shortly after that.