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Senior Bowl Interview: DT Karl Brooks

Senior Bowl is a way to address needs

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal Jeff Lange via Imagn Content Services, LLC

The Cleveland Browns will have to address the defensive tackle position this off-season. Karl Brooks should be there on Day 3 to help out with run support.

Even though Brooks is projected as a Day 3 pick, he has impressive college stats: 92 total tackles his last two years, 18 tackles for loss in 2022, 12.5 the year before, 10 sacks last year with 7.5 in his junior campaign, 25 starts both years, 49 total for his college career, very durable, with four pass defenses his senior year plus two forced fumbles.

DT Karl Brooks – Bowling Green

6’-4”, 280 pounds

Projected round: 5

Browns pick #141

DBN: What do you offer an NFL team?

Brooks: I am a competitor, somebody that’s going to give it their all, a very athletic guy for the inside. I can play anywhere so I am a versatile guy. I offer a lot to the table.

DBN: Do you watch a lot of film and what goes into that?

Brooks: Yeh, I watch a lot of film. Really when I am on my own I am watching tendencies. How I am seeing my opponent set all the time. I am seeing formations with down and distance of course having a huge impact. Just seeing how he punches – low punch or high punch type of guy.

DBN: Do you consider your run support your strength or rushing the passer?

Brooks: Both. I am a guy who can stop the run and a guy who can get after the quarterback when needed to be.

DBN: Do you consider yourself a leader?

Brooks: Of course. I have always been a leader. Since my freshman year at Bowling Green I have been that guy in charge and who other players look up to.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: FEB 01 Reese’s Senior Bowl Practice Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

DBN: This week at the Senior Bowl, what do you expect scouts to see from you?

Brooks: That I can play against anybody and win. That is my main theme with a chip on my shoulder to prove I belong with the best with this level of competition.

DBN: What skills are working for you?

Brooks: Using my speed, using what God has blessed me with my athleticism. Using my hands off the line. Speed off the ball and whatever the offensive lineman will give me that I am reacting with.

DBN: This week is very busy. How have you dealt with time management and focus?

Brooks: I love it. Just transacting from meetings to football. They have us doing a couple of events here and there. So far it’s been fun and is an exciting time.

DBN: Have you met with any scouts from the Browns?

Brooks: I have met with every NFL team so far. That is all I can say.

DBN: Bowling Green went to the Quick Lane Bowl this year and with you being a senior you did not opt-out and played. Was this ever a consideration?

Brooks: I am always all-in. Another game is another opportunity to compete with my brothers. I just wanted to cherish the moment while I was still there, enjoy the time and have fun.

DBN: What are your favorite foods?

Brooks: Catfish dinner with mac and cheese, greens with cornbread. Not everyone can cook greens right, but my dad can.

DBN: Who are some of your favorite players growing up?

Brooks: I liked Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen.

Barry Shuck is at the Reese’s Senior Bowl this week gathering interviews and providing coverage for Browns fans