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Joe Woods is already getting a defensive coordinator interview

The former Browns defensive coordinator is in demand, despite Cleveland firing him.

Cleveland Browns Madatory Minicamp Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns fires defensive coordinator Joe Woods after the 2022 season concluded. Fans blamed him from the get-go for the team's defensive struggled this season, to the point that even when the defense started generating more turnovers and allowing fewer points in the final weeks of the season, 88% of fans still were adament that he be fired.

With that type of negative press, you would think that other teams wouldn't be jumping to have him as their next defensive coordinator. On Thursday, though, Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reported that the New Orleans Saints are interviewing Woods for their vacant defensive coordinator role:

As Pelissero points out, Woods was on the coaching staff of Saints head coach Dennis Allen back when Allen was running the Oakland Raiders in 2014. Woods was his defensive backs coach that year, although Allen was fired after the Raiders began the year 0-4.

It would seem to make sense for Woods to be a position coach again, but statistics can always prop a guy up. Statistically, when it comes to yardage, Woods' defenses in Cleveland over the past several years were pretty good. However, the eye test told a different story, and fans were happy to welcome Jim Schwartz into the mix instead.

We'll see if Woods is just a courtesy interview with the Saints, or if they decide to hire him.