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Browns Wednesday: 2 STs interviews, front runner identified

Seems like Bubba Ventrone to the Browns is coming

NFL: OCT 16 Jaguars at Colts Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns look to be moving quick on their newest coordinator opening, as they did with their last coordinator opening. As reported Tuesday, the team fired special teams coordinator Mike Priefer. Shortly after, we learned that Indianapolis Colts ST coordinator Bubba Ventrone and New York Giants ST coach Anthony Blevins would interview for the newly opened position.

The timing mirrors what the Browns did in firing DC Joe Woods the day after the season and quickly requesting interviews with a number of high-profile candidates including Jim Schwartz who got the job shortly after.

The big difference is that Cleveland waited over a month to fire Priefer.

Not only did the Browns move quickly to request interviews but we now have reports that both will occur on Wednesday. Zac Jackson reported Ventrone’s interview:

Josina Anderson, who broke Priefer’s firing, reported Tuesday night that Blevins would also interview on Wednesday:

According to a Colts reporter, Ventrone is expected to get offered and accept the position quickly:

If the above report is true, the timing lines up to explain Cleveland’s decision. Indianapolis interviewed Ventrone for their head coach position. Once Shane Steinchen got the job and met with the staff, there was a willingness to allow the ST coordinator to interview with the Browns. Kevin Stefanski then let go of Priefer and scheduled interviews quickly.

It will be interesting if Cleveland looks to keep Stephen Bravo-Brown, currently a special teams assistant, under Ventrone or in another role.

We will keep you up to date as soon as information becomes available on the next step for the Browns special teams.