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Report: Browns could have a new helmet in 2023

We have very little other information, but a potential change is on the way for the Browns uniforms.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Almost nothing about the look of the Cleveland Browns franchise that screams modern and that is the way a vast majority of fans would like to keep it. The team hasn’t adapted a new logo, despite the use of Brownie the Elf more and more the last few years. The last uniform redo brought the Browns back to the style that once made fans proud after a horrendous makeover under Alec Scheiner.

Even the most recent changes to the classic uniforms have been throwbacks instead of modernizing the look. The team honored their past with new uniforms a couple of years ago and this season used a throwback white facemask, as pictured above on TE David Njoku.

Now we have a report that Cleveland is looking at an alternative or throwback helmet for 2023 as well:

As we noted in the header, that is all the information that we have at this time but it does bring up a ton of questions. Will the Browns do something more modern, instead of going backward? Would Cleveland fans riot even if something like adding a logo to the helmet was for just one of 17 games? If it is another throwback, what is left to change that they haven’t done in the past few seasons?

For now, we will just take this as a report until we get more information. Until then, tell us what you would like to see from an alternative or throwback helmet for the Browns?