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Ravens a mess: Current, former players speak out about organization’s significant failures

Interesting to see an AFC North stalwart be publicly shamed like this

Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens franchise might be in a transition and it is not just related to QB Lamar Jackson’s lack of a contract. An organization that was looked at as a well-run, buttoned up and “did it the right way” kind of place had an interesting day on Thursday.

To be clear, fans and media of the Cleveland Browns are in no place to point fingers at any franchise but it is interesting to see an AFC North rival have its reputation drug through the mud at such a quick pace.

It started on Wednesday night when the NFLPA released their findings about how each team is run. Overall, Baltimore was middle of the pack as the 17th-best graded organization based on players’ surveys. While their weight room and training staff were both ranked 22nd in the league, it was the F- for the strengths coaches that really stood out:

While that is bad enough, all of a sudden we had former players sharing their disgust with how they were treated by the team with their injuries including star pass rusher Matthew Judon:

Judon isn’t the only former front seven defender to speak out:

He wasn’t alone:

Currently, Ravens WR Rashod Bateman retweeted a tweet about how his health went downhill once he got to the NFL:

Bateman didn’t just make note of the health issues, he also responded (before deleting) to a tweet where his GM, Eric Decosta, seemed to throw the team’s receivers under the bus:

Quickly, Bateman was backed up by former Baltimore offensive players including WR Marquise Brown, who was traded by the team last offseason:

RB Mike Davis, who was with the team last year for eight games and has been in the league since 2015 agreed with Bateman as well:

Since the tweets, Bateman and Brown have deleted theirs but the others remain active.

With the NFL combine in process right now, it will be interesting if we get a response from anyone connected to the Ravens. The NFLPA survey has now brought to light a ton of concerns in Baltimore, we will be on the look out for any similar from the Browns or other AFC North teams as well.