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Early offseason Browns 53-man roster projection

NFL free agency has slowed to a snails pace, 53-man roster projection time

NFL: JAN 01 Browns at Commanders Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There is a whole lot of offseason left in the NFL. NFL free agency hasn’t even reached a full week yet and a wide variety of players are still available to join teams. We haven’t seen a slew of trades either, which could come during or right after the NFL draft, so rosters are in total flux.

The Cleveland Browns have been active in making changes to their roster and bringing back players. Again, they are far from finished with some salary cap space still to use, more coming in early June and the ability to create more.

Their moves so far have created positivity.

GM Andrew Berry has eight draft picks to work with, either to bring in young prospects or to use to trade for veterans, despite trading this year’s first and third, along with other selections, for QB Deshaun Watson.

A lot of moves left on the table to be made but since there is a bit of a lull in free agency, we wanted to make our first attempt at what the team’s 53-man roster might look like.


Since we published the initial 53-man roster article, Cleveland added Anthony Walker Jr., Josh Dobbs, Matthew Adams and Elijah Moore. That obviously created some changes to the roster:

Those four replaced Joe Haeg, Isaiah Weston, Tony Fields II and Storey Jackson from the original roster.

Of those 53 players, a few are obviously on the bubble if Berry continues to make moves in free agency. The NFL draft will continue to add players to the roster that will push some of these players off.

A few positions jump out as interesting. The offensive line has a few interesting players signed through at least next season while quarterback and running back are a little light on numbers and depth. We did not have Anthony Schwartz making the roster as Woods and Weston currently hold down the last two spots.

The defensive end group needs at least one more player who can see the field while Jordan Elliott gets edged out by Togiai and Stille for the last defensive tackle spots.

What jumps out to you about our very early Browns 53-man projection?