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[April Fools] Joe Thomas to unretire and convert to a tight end for the Browns

Cleveland hopes to use him as a sixth lineman of sorts, but at tight end.

NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Note: This was our 2023 April Fools post.

Maybe Joe Thomas will get that playoff game after all.

The Hall of Famer will attempt to make history this season by attempting a comeback with the Cleveland Browns, according to the Plain Dealer. He won't be doing so as an offensive lineman, though -- instead, he'll be attempting to convert to the tight end position.

"With all the weight I lost after my final season with the Browns and becoming a broadcaster, it's kind of impossible to pack that weight on again," said Thomas. "But I have the build of a tight end now, and with my blocking technique, I think I can help the team in certain packages, and lend some expertise to Jed [Wills]."

One thing that seemed crazy is that for as excellent as his career was at left tackle, Cleveland never found a creative way to try to get him a "big guy touchdown." Maybe that becomes possible as a tight end?

"That would be pretty cool," said Thomas. "But honestly, I'll just be relieved that I don't have to play every snap again, especially at my age now [38 years]"

Thomas will become the first player in history to be a member of the Hall of Fame, and also signed to a 90-man roster. Whether he makes the roster still remains to be seen, though: this is a completely new thing for Thomas, and the team already has David Njoku, Harrison Bryant, and Jordan Akins. My bet is on it being a feel-good story for camp, but I would expect him to retire again after training camp.

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