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Is the Brownie the Elf field logo one-and-done?

Do the Browns want a new logo?

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Word is, the Browns front office wants to change things up this year regarding the center field logo. And they looking for fan input.

To be more to the point, they want more of the dawg aspect this upcoming season.

The team has announced they are seeking submissions for a dawg drawing that may eventually be the team’s official logo. Currently, the Browns have loosely used several interpretations of certain breeds, mainly Mastiffs, but no official dawg drawing is being utilized on a consistent basis. The Browns now want to change that and develop a singular look.

Artist renditions are being sought from fans and professional artists. Those interested are asked to submit their design via Only one drawing per artist is allowed. Then fans will vote on their favorites beginning Thursday. That winning design will be included with three other renditions the club has already chosen into another round of voting from May 10 into early June.

“We are always looking for feedback from our fans to improve their experience so allowing them to serve as a centerpiece of this contest offers an opportunity to engage with each other in real-time and showcase their love for the team and beyond,” said JW Johnson, Haslam Sports Group vice president and partner.

Last season a similar contest involved the midfield logo. That winner was the running back stiff-armed Brownie the Elf.

At the time of the new midfield logo reveal, Browns Executive Vice President and Partner JW Johnson told

“We’re super excited about the new midfield logo. We really wanted to engage our fans in the process, and they are — as I’ve said multiple times — undefeated. They’re the best in the league, best in the NFL, and, candidly, some of the best in sports. We really wanted to get their involvement and hear what they have to say. We were able to pull off the new logo with the old school Brownie logo.”


The Brownie logo was used when Cleveland dominated the pro football landscape and captured four AAFC titles plus three NFL Championships. Only with the 1964 NFL Championship season was Brownie absent as new owner Art Modell had dumped the elf logo as one of his official decrees.

Cleveland Browns Training Camp 8-16-2011

The Brownie artwork last season confused a lot of NFL fans and media who did not associate Brownie with the Browns’ history. Many questioned what an elf had to do with the Browns and pro football in general. Most fans of other teams are well-versed on the franchise’s dawg affiliation, so the club just may want to slant their logo attention more into that direction going forward.

Cleveland also has a costumed mascot named “Chomps” which is a Labrador dog, who stands 6’-1” and wears a jersey with the number “00”.