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NFL draft week: Wednesday’s Browns mock draft is the trade down one

With NFL draft week here, today we look at how the Browns can restock their limited picks in 2024

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For NFL fans, the NFL draft is supposed to be fun. For most fans, trading down is not fun. It feels like the opposite of aggressive, the opposite of what the game of football should be. Strangely, while many fans get excited about trading up there is often a feeling that a team gives up too much to trade up.

For the Cleveland Browns, the last two NFL drafts have left their fans without the excitement of a selection in the first or second round. In Monday’s mock draft, we showed you a version of what a trade-up would look like to get that second-round pick. Yesterday, we gave you an all-defense version of a Browns mock draft.

As promised, we have a full six days of mock drafts coming your way:

  • Monday - What Jared would do
  • Tuesday - An all-defense mock draft
  • Wednesday - A trade-down version
  • Thursday - A realistic/expectation of what Cleveland could do
  • Friday - A day 2 mock draft
  • Saturday - A day 3 Browns mock draft

Today we are using Pro Football Network’s mock draft simulator to create Cleveland’s mock draft. PFN allows for trades and is a free version of a simulator. Going in with a plan to trade down was made easier by the lack of desired targets when the Browns were on the clock with pick #74.

Thankfully, the Dallas Cowboys came calling and the following trade was agreed upon:

Browns receive: Pick #90 and Dallas’ 2024 3rd round pick
Cowboys receive: Pick #74 and #190

With eight selections in this year’s draft, adding the sixth-round selection to the deal to get a third-round pick next year was an easy call. Cleveland drops down 16 selections, staying in the third round and adds a third-rounder next year.

Currently, the Browns only have two selections in the first four rounds of the 2024 draft. Adding a top 100 selection to drop down 16 slots and giving up a sixth-round pick is more than worth it.

Round 3

Pick #90

WR Tyler Scott, Cincinnati Bearcats

Despite moving down, Cleveland still adds a player that they may target with the 74th pick. Scott is a deep threat with top-flight speed and explosiveness. Growing up a Browns fan just helps the process.

{Another Trade}

While on the clock to make their pick at #98, the New York Jets came calling. Having already completed the Elijah Moore trade earlier this offseason, the two teams worked well together again.

Browns receive: Pick #112 and Denver’s 2024 4th round pick
Jets receive: Pick #98 and #229

Once again Cleveland moves out of a late pick to help get a better pick next year. The team once again moves down, this time 14 spots to get their second added selection in day two of the 2024 NFL draft

Round 4

Pick #111

DT Byron Young, Alabama Crimson Tide

A big strong interior defender, Young is most likely to play as more of a run stopper than pass rusher at the next level but his experience (over 50 games) will mean he is ready to help right away. The Browns have added to their defensive line this offseason but are unlikely to be finished.

Pick #112

DE Byron Young, Tennessee Volunteers

You are not seeing double, Cleveland goes back to back with players with the same name that both play on the defensive line. This Young will come off the edge well, especially in Jim Schwartz’s wide-9 system, to create havoc in the backfield. He is a bit raw but a good get here in the fourth round.

Pick #126

LB DeMarvion Overshown, Texas Longhorns

An impressive athlete at 6’4”, Overshown has great speed going side to side while his time as a safety helps his overall coverage ability. At just 220 pounds, the Longhorn star will need to get stronger at the next level to disengage blocks but his athletic traits should help him excel on special teams as a rookie.

Round 5

Pick #140

RB Roschon Johnson, Texas Longhorns

Overlooked for his teammate Bijan Robinson, Johnson averaged over 5.9 yards per carry the last two seasons while adding 25 receptions as well. A physical runner, Johnson can take some of the pounding off of Nick Chubb.

Pick #142

TE Cameron Latu, Alabama Crimson Tide

Another 6’4” prospect, Latu didn’t get a ton of targets at Alabama after moving from defensive end to tight end but made the most of them. Like Overshwon, Latu will have to fill out at the NFL level but shows quality as a pass catcher and run blocker. The tight end had 56 receptions for 787 yards and 12 touchdowns the last two years with the Crimson Tide.

A completely different version of a mock draft for the Browns. The team turns eight picks this year into six picks, two of them lower than originally slotted, and two extra picks in 2024. Despite those trade downs, Cleveland still adds a top-speed threat, a solid running back and a valuable tight end to the offense. The defense builds depth at important positions on the front seven.

While fans may not love trading down, getting third and fourth-round picks next year helps their future while minimally impacting their present.

What do you think about the trades? Selections?