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Browns schedule: A clear rest advantage for Cleveland in ‘24

The NFL schedule release has produced a lot of interesting data.

Glenn “Pop” Warner Napping

While some fans may not love data, others find it interesting and compelling especially when there are no games on the field to talk about. We have data on so many things at this point especially with the NFL, due to its popularity.

Whether it is free agency, the NFL draft or the recent NFL schedule release, smart people have found interesting pieces of information about everything related to important events.

The Cleveland Browns schedule is an interesting one with a tough start and an early bye week potentially defining the season before it gets too cold in Northeast Ohio. If the Browns can come out of that with at least a .500 record, the rest of the schedule seems manageable.

Cleveland will also get the rest benefit when analyzing the schedule holistically:

Only one game, and only for one day, do the Browns have less rest than their opponent. In three games, including coming off their bye week, Cleveland has the rest advantage over their opponent.

Interestingly, the Browns don’t face an opponent coming off of their bye week this season while multiple teams face that more than once including two California teams with three such games.

Overall, rest doesn't decide the outcome of a season but it can be impactful in individual games. The rest edge benefit is generally less important than those in deficit especially those teams with a lot of red in the above ledger.

After injuries and Deshaun Watson’s suspension and poor play upon return derailed the last two seasons, Cleveland has very few excuses in 2023 including schedule-related ones.