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NFL betting lines give ‘objective’ look at expectations for Browns

There are still human opinion behind the NFL betting lines for all teams including the Browns

Fremont Street in Las Vegas Photo by �� Bettmann/CORBIS/Bettmann Archive

There are plenty of power rankings, guesses, assumptions and beliefs about the 2023 NFL season now that NFL free agency and the NFL draft have mostly ended. As fans have seen for years, so much can change due to injuries, a change in play (good or bad) from players and a variety of other variables.

The Cleveland Browns may not be finished making major moves to their roster, as the Za’Darius Smith trade shows, but another major move is unlikely.

The Browns season rides on Deshaun Watson either proving last year was an aberration or the new reality, the new offensive system under Kevin Stefanski and how much improvement comes from the additions of Jim Schwartz and Bubba Ventrone as coordinators.

As gambling has become more readily accessible with many states, including Ohio, passing laws, betting lines have become more normalized. While there is still human opinion, NFL betting lines are as close to objective as possible about a team. Sportsbooks are setting lines not based on hopes but based on the information available.

What do the betting lines say about Cleveland’s season?

The Browns are grouped together with a variety of teams that have some question marks, especially around the quarterback position. Like Watson, Russell Wilson, Mac Jones, Kirk Cousins, Geno Smith, Jared Goff, Kenny Pickett and Daniel Jones are uncertainties. While Trevor Lawrence took a big step last year, the betting lines are cautious about him repeating.

The top few tiers above Cleveland is a group of teams that have been there, done that and the New York Jets now that they have added Aaron Rodgers. While the Browns may have a better roster on paper, the hope of Watson’s improvement and the excitement of Schwartz and Ventrone, oddsmakers are not buying into teams that haven’t had experience at being successful.

What do you think of how Draft Kings lines say about the Browns?