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AFC North: Steelers extend Trubisky, bring back Rudolph

With Kenny Pickett as the starter, Pittsburgh might have the worst QB room in the AFC North

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

In a different multiverse, QB Mitchell Trubisky is drafted by the Cleveland Browns and DE Myles Garrett (both pictured above) is playing somewhere else. There were rumors and reports of some in the building wanting the Northeast Ohio native instead of the hulking edge rusher in the 2017 NFL draft.

Instead, Trubisky got stuck with Matt Nagy and saw his career fizzle out. Last year, Trubisky signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers with the hopes of being the starter but the team also drafted Kenny Pickett for the future.

Despite playing mostly poorly in seven games last season, the Steelers and Trubisky agreed to a contract extension on Thursday:

The $33 million that Trubisky “can earn” would likely mean Pickett either got hurt or was downright terrible.

Trubisky hasn’t been downright terrible for his career with two winning seasons as the QB of the Chicago Bears but accuracy concerns and an ability to use all of the field have limited his progression.

Bringing back Trubisky comes a day after Pittsburgh also brought back QB Mason Rudolph (who also has ties to Garrett from a certain helmet-swinging incident).

With Joe Burrow looking for a new contract from the Cincinnati Bengals to keep him around for a long time, Lamar Jackson locked up by the Baltimore Ravens this offseason and Deshaun Watson having a fully guaranteed contract, the Steelers are the lone team in the AFC North with questions at quarterback. If Watson can bounce back anywhere near his previous performance, Pittsburgh also has the worst quarterback group in the division.

Are you surprised by Trubisky’s career trajectory?