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Nick Chubb can pull into second behind Jim Brown on Browns rushing list this season

The gap between Brown and everyone else in team history is astounding

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Putting the career of Jim Brown into perspective is almost impossible to do. The videos are impressive. The stories are amazing. The stats are almost unbelievable.

Saturday, we got an in-depth look at the story of Brown and the Cleveland Browns from start to finish. For some, we got another reason to not think so highly of Art Modell.

For more modern fans, Brown is just a legend, someone they never got to see live with their own eyes. Instead, players like Earnest Byner, Kevin Mack, Greg Pruitt, Eric Metcalf and Mike Pruitt from before Modell’s final betrayal and the likes of Jamal Lewis, William Green, Isaiah Crowell, Peyton Hillis, Jerome Harrison and Kareem Hunt since “The Return” all represent the top running backs we’ve seen recently.

Not until Nick Chubb has a Browns back even sniffed the air of Brown’s prolific career. In just five seasons, including a rookie year when Hue Jackson barely used him early and missing six games due to injury between 2020-2021, Chubb is fourth on the team’s career rushing list.

Since Cleveland got their team back, Crowell had the most rushing yards with 3.118. That is still good enough for 10th on the Browns all-time list but Chubb’s 6,341 yards more than doubles Crowell’s total.

In 2023, Chubb is set to pass both Mike Pruitt (6,540) and Leroy Kelly (7,274)to move to second on the team’s list. The Georgia prospect will still trail Brown, Kelly and Pruitt for total carries.

Chubb’s likely accomplishment this season helps put Brown’s legacy into even better perspective. The rugged Hall of Famer finished his nine-year career with over 2,300 rushing attempts and over 12,000 yards rushing. For Chubb to pass Brown, he will have to have five more seasons at the same level as his first five.

In 2023, Chubb’s move up Cleveland’s career rushing list will help honor the man that is likely to remain on top of the list for decades to come. Fittingly for Chubb, a quiet way to bring even more recognition to Brown’s amazing feats of accomplishment.

What is the most impressive Jim Brown stat to you? Are you surprised that Chubb should climb to second on the team’s rushing list this season?