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9 teams aced the offseason according to Sam Monson

NFL free agency, NFL draft combined to go well for a big chunk of teams including the Browns

NFLPA Rookie Premiere Portrait Session Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

We are so close to at least seeing things of interest on the field with OTAs starting for the Cleveland Browns and the rest of the league this week. We got to see new DEs Ogbonnia Okoronkwo and Za’Darius Smith face off in a “quick-off-the-ball” drill already today and throwing videos are starting to permeate social media.

The turnover from the start of last season to this year is likely to be huge for the Browns 53-man roster but none of those were the move identified as the team’s “best” this offseason.

Soon, we will finally have an idea if Cleveland's free agency and NFL draft decisions show promise on the field. We won’t know if they have actual impact until games start in September but a lot can happen between then and now.

Once again, the Browns offseason decisions have been lauded as Pro Football Focus’ Sam Monson puts them among the nine teams deserving an “A” grade this year:

Some of the other teams on the list are surprising or eye-opening. Philadelphia lost a few important players and kept a few aging ones. Chicago spent chunks of money on non-premium positions but did make a huge trade out of the top pick in the draft that should help them now (DJ Moore) and in the future (draft capital).

Either way, soon grades will make way for actual play on the field. Whether it is in practice, preseason games or (in a few months) actual regular season games, Browns fans still have to wait to see if what happened on paper translates to the field.

Which team surprises you on the above list? Would you grade Cleveland’s offseason an “A” at this point?