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Browns Community Connection: How are you spending your Memorial Day Weekend?

Connecting together as we honor those who died serving our country

Cleveland Browns Fans Tailgating Photo by Angelo Merendino/Corbis via Getty Images

The best part about sports is how it brings people together, generally starting with families and spreading from there. The best part of the Cleveland Browns, since the on-field product hasn’t been great over the last few decades, has been the fans.

Browns fans are the greatest in the world. While we all may disagree on a variety of things, get frustrated with how each other “fans” and want more for the team we root for, there is nothing like the fans of the orange and brown.

Whether it is the Browns Backers of the world, the (seemingly) most amount of websites and podcasts devoted to the team compared to any other or just the strength of the different online communities and social platforms, Cleveland fans are like no other.

We want to assist in connected fans that come here to DBN with each other. In simple ways, that comes through our articles opening up conversation in the comment section but we will also start using these “Community Connection” questions as a way to engage the community with each other.

After all, we are all Dawgs by Nature, right?

As many in the United States finish off their work week, the extended Memorial Day weekend is ahead of us. Honoring and mourning those in the military who lost their lives serving the country, Memorial Day weekend has also become a cultural holiday to spend time with family and friends.

As we do before Browns games, food is a key ingredient of most get-togethers. Your community connect questions are about food:

  • What are you looking forward to this weekend?
  • What is the best thing you or your family make at a cookout?
  • What is your secret to cooking/making something great or secret recipe that you are willing to share with your community here?