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Browns schedule: Rankings opposing stadiums I want to visit

While some might look at cities, there are a few interesting stadiums on the Browns 2023 schedule

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Memorial Day weekend is one of a couple of breaks in the NFL offseason schedule. There will be more throughout the next couple of months until training camp kicks off. With the NFL schedule release and OTAs being the latest events, the Cleveland Browns (and their media) get a small break.

Full disclosure, I am currently taking advantage of that break for a little vacation trip to Texas to spend time with family in Houston. A nice pool is a blessing with the heat down here.

Being down here and seeing the Houston Texans stadium made me wonder which stadiums on the Browns schedule would I be most interested in visiting. I am not much for traveling to visit stadiums too often so I don’t have a lot of first-hand knowledge which led to some research.

To be clear, this is not about the cities or surrounding areas, just the stadium experience, including any cool traditions, and chances of a good game and victory for Cleveland.

  1. Seattle Seahawks - Seattle’s 12th man tradition and the loud fans, as well as a chance to visit the PNW, takes the top spot. This year, I think the Seahawks take a step back so this is also more likely a win.
  2. Los Angeles Rams - An interesting stadium where Browns fans would likely outnumber Rams fans and a win is likely. A rowdy tailgating experience in LA would be decked out in orange and brown.
  3. Denver Broncos - The last of the west coast trio at the top of the list, Mile High Stadium gets the nod based on altitude and some cool sight lines. A team in transition, this game could be tough and decided by which QB finds their old ways.
  4. Baltimore Ravens - While I do not like anything about this stolen franchise, the fan base is generally pretty passionate and I think the transition to a more spread-out passing game will benefit the offense as a whole. The defense has taken a step back, however.
  5. Houston Texans - This is very much my list so visiting Houston, which won’t happen this year since its Christmas Eve, would let us get time with family and a less humid experience in Texas. Other pluses are the likely victory and I have even less interest in the last three stadiums by far.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers - Here we start to get the dregs of my list. Much like Baltimore, it's hard to not have the Steelers tied for last place but at least it has the “Renegade” tradition and, while I mock them, the whole towel thing. No matter the talent, Pittsburgh is always better than it should be.
  7. Indianapolis Colts - One of two of the stadiums I have actually been in, for the NFL combine and a couple of other events, it is a cool domed stadium but nothing unique. A rebuilding year, likely, makes the game less interesting although Anthony Richardson could make for some boom/bust style plays.
  8. Cincinnati Bengals - There is just nothing here to be that impressed by. Lacks all the bells and whistles. Frankly, in a lot of ways, just a lesser version of the stadium on the shores of Lake Erie except it is on a river.

Which stadiums would you like to visit on the Browns schedule this year?