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Browns set to add $10 million in cap space on Friday for post-June 1st cuts

With the way the cap works, the Browns will gain about $8.9 million in cap space.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

This Friday might just be the start of June (June 2, specifically), but for some NFL teams, it'll feel like Christmas has come a bit early. As Field Yates of ESPN points out below, the Cleveland Browns are picking up $10.915 million in cap space on Friday due to cuts they made earlier this offseason, with post-June 1st designations:

Only the Miami Dolphins will be adding more cap space. To my surprise, there are just six teams in total who had post-June 1st designations. Over the Cap has an explanation as to what post-June 1st cuts are, but in a nutshell, they allow teams to spread a cut player's prorated bonuses over two seasons (i.e. 2023 and 2024) as opposed to all of the dead cap space hitting the current season.

The Browns' large amount of $10.915 million are a result of them cutting DE Jadeveon Clowney and S John Johnson III this offseason as a part of their retooling of the defense. With the way the salary cap works, though, once you take two players (Clowney and Johnson) off the books, two minimum-salary players are taking the 50th and 51st spots for cap purposes, which means Cleveland will only technically gain about $8.9 million in cap space.

Every little bit helps, though, especially with a certain wide receiver on the open market.