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Cornerback gets signed by Titans before tryout with Browns happens

Anthony Kendall had two tryouts scheduled but Tennessee swopped in to sign the local speedster

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

There are probably a lot of reasons the Cleveland Browns, and other teams, are hesitant to release information on undrafted free agents and camp tryouts despite multiple reports. Anything can happen in the NFL until actual contracts are signed.

Camp tryouts are not signed to contracts so they have the flexibility to do whatever they choose.

For the Browns, a couple of tryouts have been reported including local cornerback Anthony Kendall and XFL cornerback Luc Barcoo.

Kendall was especially interesting as Cleveland had shown a lot of interest in him prior to the NFL draft. Kendall was scheduled to try out for the New York Jets and then join the Browns in Berea, where he went to school at Baldwin-Wallace.

Neither of those workouts will happen as Kendall has signed with the Tennessee Titans:

Baldwin-Wallace has also reported the signing.

With both the Jets and Browns interested in seeing Kendall practice, it is interesting that the Titans chose to sign him five days after many undrafted free agents signed. Perhaps they had their eye on a veteran player but the talks fell through.

Either way, the dream of Kendall getting to leave his college to just go down the street to practice with Cleveland is over. For now.