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8 QBs on Browns 2023 schedule have faced Jim Schwartz’s defenses before

Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford have gone up against new Browns defensive coordinator before

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

There is a lot that could happen between now and the end of the 2023 NFL regular season. The Cleveland Browns schedule is loaded up front with a chance in the middle to make a push into the playoff picture. That is how the schedule is seen now but that doesn’t mean that is how things will play out by the time each game happens.

With the Browns breaking in a lot of new players, a new defensive coordinator and a new special teams coach, Cleveland fans are hopeful that their team will be the surprise of the season.

Taking a look at DC Jim Schwartz’s history as a coordinator and head coach, the two times he had total control of defenses, we found that he’s faced eight of the quarterbacks on the Browns schedule this season:

  • Aaron Rodgers - 13 times
  • Russell Wilson - 5 times
  • Matthew Stafford - 3 times
  • Ryan Tannehill - 2 times
  • Geno Smith - 2 times
  • Joe Burrow - 1 time
  • Lamar Jackson - 1 time
  • Kyler Murray - 1 time

It is not certain that all of these QBs will start by the time Cleveland plays against their teams. Murray’s recovery from an ACL tear, and the Arizona Cardinals bad roster, could keep him off the field all season. Tannehill’s hold on the starting job has an expiration date and Stafford has struggled to stay healthy.

This offseason, especially during the slow time before training camp, we will take a look at how Schwartz has done against these quarterbacks. While a one or two-game sample size is hardly enough to draw conclusions, information is still information.