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Myles Garrett moves into the top 5, up 3 spots, of ‘disruptors’ in the NFL

NFL rankings of all sorts have Browns DE Myles Garrett ranked very high

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

As the lull of the NFL offseason hits, we will see a wide variety of rankings, lists and thoughts from both local and national media for the Cleveland Browns. Given the team’s history, since The Return and especially the last two years, most power rankings will be cautious for the team.

One player that is almost universally loved (except by referees who rarely call penalties on his behalf) is Browns DE Myles Garrett. While we believe Garrett was snubbed to not even make the Defensive Player of the Year finalist list, he’s been the best at creating quarterback turnovers since 2017 and even has a cute commercial with his dog.

The NFL Network, among a number of rankings they have put out, took a look at the most disruptive players in the league. To define who is a great disruptor, Nick Shook shared his criteria:

I’m looking at five key categories: QB pressures, QB pressure rate, QB hurries (when a defender gets within 1.5 yards of the QB at any moment between snap and pass forward or sack), sacks, and perhaps the most significant metric: turnovers caused by pressure.

Putting all of that together, Garrett jumps from sixth in 2021 to third after the 2022 season:

Garrett increased his totals in three of the five listed metrics, going from 66 QB pressures to 72, boosting his pressure rate from 13.6% to 16.3% and finishing with five more hurries than he posted in ‘21. He’s on the right track to peak in the coming years.

As it stands now, he’s among the best and most disruptive defenders in the NFL. That’s no longer debatable. Most of the players in these rankings change with each passing year, but Garrett always finds his way into the top 10 for good reason: He’s as reliable as they come.

While Cleveland fans, sick of the losing, want to see more out of Garrett, he’s lauded for being “reliable as they come” compared to the rest of the NFL. Perhaps the additions of Dalvin Tomlinson, Za’Darius Smith, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo and Siaki Ika to the defensive line will help the Browns defense as a whole and Garrett to get even more recognition nationally.