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Browns have their official new dog (not Dawg) logo

The Browns logo contest ended with just two finalists remaining

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NFL: SEP 08 Titans at Browns

It started with five, came down to a contest between two and, in the end, the Cleveland Browns have their new dog logo.

The Browns as an organization have always been loyal to the helmet as the team’s official logo. Over the years, Brownie the Elf, has made its way in and out of favor with the team while the dawg pound/dog pound gained popularity when Hanford Dixon and Frank Minnifield started using the vernacular.

This offseason, Cleveland announced that they would be making an official decision on the official dog-oriented mascot for the team with the help of fans.

Those were whittled down to just two candidates to take home the official title of the Browns dog. The Monday after the completion of mandatory minicamp, and the start of a long break before training camp, came the word of the official winner:

Quickly we have seen hats for sale with the new logo on it:

What is still unknown is how the team plans to use the logo. Will it just join the elf as something on t-shirts, hats and other gear? Will it be painted in the middle of the field where Brownie was last year? As alternative uniforms and helmets continue to grow in usage around the league, could this logo adorn official gear that players are wearing on the field?

For now, Browns fans have three options for logos: the helmet, the elf and, now, this dawg logo.

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