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First jersey, favorite jersey: What Browns player, number have you worn?

Browns fans are the best in the land but, with so much turnover on the roster, jersey selections have been slim

Cleveland Browns Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

In continuation of engaging Cleveland Browns fan in conversations, we come upon an interesting discussion. Browns fans are the best in the land, no doubt. They amount of passion, money, alcohol and pride that they pour into their team is beyond measure, it seems.

Cleveland fans have endured losing, embarrassments, disappointments, turnover throughout the organization and... more losing throughout their lifetimes. Despite all of that, Browns fans show up strong.

Yet, due to the losing and constant roster changes, buying a player’s jersey for the team they love is difficult. Even if a player is drafted high, Cleveland’s history said they wouldn’t be with the team in four to five years. Not a real solid investment. Free agents were often older, on the downside of their career and/or just came for the paycheck. Again, not a prudent financial decision.

As a lifelong Browns fan but growing up without the family resources to have regular tickets or gear, my first team jersey didn’t come until adulthood. It is still the lone jersey I have owned from the Cleveland football team, Jim Brown’s:

What about you, what was the first Cleveland Browns jersey you ever owned? What was your favorite?

Join your fellow fans in the comment section down below, let’s talk jerseys!