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Report: Browns ‘didn’t have any intentions’ of signing DeAndre Hopkins

NFL free agency DeAndre Hopkins rumors might be dead for the Browns

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

With around a month between the end of mandatory minicamp and the start of training camp, there is very little news in the NFL right now. For Cleveland Browns fans, where RB Kareem Hunt ends up might be interesting. RB Dalvin Cook could impact the strong AFC if he signs with a team like the Miami Dolphins.

The biggest name is WR DeAndre Hopkins. We’ve covered what we know about Hopkins over the last few weeks as he’s been linked to reunite with QB Deshaun Watson. He finished a visit with the Tennessee Titans before visiting with the New England Patriots this week.

While Hopkins does not seem to be in a hurry to sign, which leaves the door open for the Browns, according to Mary Kay Cabot they do not plan to do so. Interestingly, Cabot notes that new Cleveland WR Elijah Moore is a big reason why Hopkins won’t be coming to the Browns:

Intentions change but for some Cleveland fans, the Hopkins dream is over. For others, a sigh of relief that the Browns aren’t going to push out a player like Donovan Peoples-Jones for an aging player with some injury history.

That Moore was brought up as the reason for not pursuing Hopkins seems to be a disconnect. While both have some versatility, the two receivers do not play the position the same. Hopkins is much more of a back shoulder, jump ball player while Moore is, as Cabot describes, shifty and elusive. Both can play inside and out, Moore is a deep threat on the outside, but do not have the same skill set.

Either way, we now have a clear direction that GM Andrew Berry does not plan to reunite Watson with Hopkins. Instead, Amari Cooper, Moore and DPJ will lead the team’s receiving corps this year.

Do you think the Browns are totally out on Hopkins? If so, are you okay with that?
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