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NFL reveals another data point that shows just how impressive Nick Chubb has been

Nick Chubb and Derrick Henry (pictured together here) make something out of nothing quite often

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The NFL offseason is good for a lot of things starting with all the roster moves made during NFL free agency and the NFL draft. We also get to peruse how the national media thinks about our beloved Cleveland Browns through all the power ranking style posts.

We have also started our look at this year’s opponents’ offseasons.

It is also a time when statistics and data are compiled from the previous season in new ways. We learned that the Browns used far less play-action passing than most would expect under HC Kevin Stefanski in 2022.

Now, the NFL’s data arm gave us another interesting number. This time, we get another way to appreciate the best running back in the NFL, Nick Chubb.

According to Next Gen Stats, Chubb has the most Rushing Yards Over Expected (RYOE) of anyone since 2018. RYOE, at the root level, is how many yards a back gains more than what they should have. If a play should have gone for 10 yards and does go for 10 yards then the running back did what was expected.

Chubb, along with Derrick Henry, does so much more than is expected:

While Cleveland fans may immediately think Chubb should be used more, it is also possible that his average of 17 attempts per game since 2019 has kept him fresh enough to break big gains. He had just under 18 attempts per game last season.

Looking at the above list, it is clear just how much better than the rest of the league both Chubb and Henry are. It also makes the divide Chubb has created from Henry even more impressive.