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Kareem Hunt ‘pretty sure’ he’ll find a new team ‘soon’, talks love for Browns

As expected, Kareem Hunt doesn’t seem to be returning to the Browns

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

This offseason has been another reminder that the NFL does not value running backs. The rare back, like Cleveland Browns RB Nick Chubb so far, earns a decent second contract and actually collects on it.

This offseason saw Kareem Hunt’s contract expire while Ezekiel Elliott and Dalvin Cook were released. All three have been huge names in the NFL over the past few seasons but all three are still looking for work as NFL training camps are less than a month away.

NFL free agency has not been kind to those three and rumors have been scarce as well. Hunt just this week finally had a team linked to having an interest in him.

Speaking at his annual football camp, Hunt is confident he’ll have a deal in the near future:

“I’m enjoying my time at this football camp and focused on my body and my mind. I’m in God’s hands and just looking forward to the next opportunity. It’ll be coming up soon, I’m pretty sure.”

The Ohio native also spoke about his (soon-to-be) former team:

“The Browns are always going to be a team I have mad love for, but I’m not really talking about that stuff.”

After requesting a new contract and then a trade last season, Hunt’s final year with Cleveland ended poorly which has likely impacted his value on the market. This offseason, Miles Sanders signed the biggest free agent contract for a running back with four years, $25 million but only $13 million is guaranteed which could lead him to be released after just two seasons with him only making slightly over that guaranteed amount.

Running backs are important but don’t have value in the NFL. Hunt is hoping he can find a place where he is valued but a return to Cleveland does not seem to be in the cards.